Professional dog training

At your level and when you have time

Have you said the following:

"My dog does not listen"

Your dog only listens when it feels like it. You have tried to dance around and shown your dog your best entertaining skills, yet it has not interested your dog.

"My dog has problems with keeping the concentration

Your dog loses concentration immediately or when it has done some exercises in a row without your dog getting a reward.

"My dog loses interest in me"

You have experienced that the second you take off the dog leash, or do not have a visible toy or food in your hand, then everything else is more interesting than you.

"I need tools that work"

You have recieved a lot of advice and help with how to train your dog, but the tools are just not useful and durable in the long run. You again experience the feeling of frustration and powerless in training with your dog.

You and your dog in focus

Let me help you achieve your goals with your dog. I have experience with training of family dogs and working dogs at a high level.

I look at you and your dog’s current training level, and the problems that you struggle with in your training together.

Regardless if you just bought your first collar for your new dog, or you have many years of experience in dog training, I can offer speific and unique dog training that covers and suits your wishes and needs.

Custommade dog training

As your coach, you get custommade professional dog training exactly when it suits you and which covers your own wishes and needs. I give you tools and knowledge on how to get the best and most optimal out of your and your dog’s training. You get everything you need to learn how to train your dog in the best possible way.

Tools Optimize Improve Skills

Dog training with me is mainly about giving you tools on how you can get better at training your own dog. My purpose is to optimize and improve your skills to be able to train your own dog in the best possible way, when at some point you stand on your own two feet.

I'm here for you

I do not show you how I can train your own dog, because you do not learn how to train your dog in the futrure, if I train with your dog. Instead I will teach you how to train your own dog. Many dog trainers tend to show off, how THEY can train your DOG easily. That gives you a ‘wow effect’, but does the dog trainer teaches you how to train your own dog, when you are on your own? The answer is no. I will help you all the way. Also how to deal with training problems, when you are on your own.


Have you tried many solutions which unfortunately are not useful in the long run?

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Do you experience frustration about dog training, and is the good cooperation difficult to spot?


I offer unique methods, and a different approach to dog training. Useful solutions that work in daily training and give results. So you can experience the good cooperation between you and your dog.

Me and my dog

When you enter the training ring with your dog. Do you feel the teamwork between you and your dog? Is it just the two of you together in your own little bubble? Or do you struggle with getting your dog’s attention? Your dog is not listening. The fun of dog training is gone.

My goal is to give you knowledge and tools to improve your teamwork. So you experience this feeling when you enter the training field:

” Me and my dog ”

As your dog trainer, my focus is, how to give you the best possible terms, for you to get useful solutions to things you are struggling with in your dog training.

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So .. What are you waiting for?

Let me help you achieve your goals and dreams. No matter if it is basic obedience training or if you are dreaming of standing on the podium.

Choose Holdensgaard Probedience when your dog is important to you

Professional and experienced knowledge within dog training
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